Saturday, May 10, 2014

Three survivors of helicopter crash discharged from hospital; West Cape Three Points, Western Region in Ghana

Three out of the four survivors in the helicopter crash at the West Cape Three Points in the Western Region on Thursday have been discharged from hospital.

Mr. Albert Taylor, Director of Air-traffic Services of the Ghana Aviation Authority (GCAA), told the Ghana News Agency on Saturday that one of the survivors who was in critical condition and flown to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra is responding to treatment.

The other missing person among the eight involved in the helicopter crash has not been found but some helicopters had joined the search party to look for him.

Mr. Taylor said the relatives of those who lost their lives in the crash had been informed about the tragic incident however he declined to mention their names.

The accident claimed three lives when an Ivorian registered rotorcraft, TUHAA, which was contracted by Lukoil Company to transport workers to the oil rigs on the Jubilee Oilfield, crashed four-and-half nautical miles offshore. GNA

Debris recovered from crashed chopper

 The search team prowling the waters where a helicopter belonging to oil company Lukoil plunged into the sea on Thursday resulting in the death of at least three out of eight passengers have retrieved parts of the crashed chopper.

The fuselage is, however, yet to be retrieved while the team is still looking for one passenger feared dead after four survivors were rescued Thursday. Aviation authorities say three of the survivors are responding well to treatment while the fourth has been transferred to Accra for closer care.

It is still unclear what may have caused the accident that was detected a few hours after the crew failed to arrive at destination. Meanwhile, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) has launched a full-scale investigation into the circumstances that led to the crash of the Ivorian registered helicopter with the registration identity as TUHAA.

The authority said they would not hazard any hasty suggestions as to what caused the accident until investigations were concluded. 

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Lukoil Update on Helicopter Crash Offshore Ghana 
 by  OAO Lukoil
Press Release
Friday, May 09, 2014

Lukoil Overseas, operator of international upstream projects of Lukoil Group, confirmed Friday that on Thursday, May 8, a helicopter crashed in the coast waters of the Republic of Ghana 3.4 nautical miles (5.4 kilometers) from Takoradi.

The transportation helicopter operated by the local airline carrier and on contract to Lukoil was on a routine crew shuttle mission transporting contractor personnel from the airport in Takoradi to the Jack Ryan (UDW drillship) chartered by Lukoil to conduct exploration activities offshore Ghana.

There were eight persons onboard the helicopter, including two crew members of the local airline carrier and six representatives of several contracting service companies. There were no Lukoil employees onboard.

Three fatalities have been confirmed and one person remains missing. Four survivors have been transported for medical attention to local hospitals and currently remain under medical observation, they have no known serious injuries.

A search and rescue mission was launched immediately with support from the Ghana Navy and Air Force and other operators in the area. A search is currently underway to locate one missing person. An investigation is launched to identify the causes of accident.

Lukoil Overseas extends its sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives in this tragic accident.