Friday, April 18, 2014

uFly Simulator Inc.: Press Statement


April 17, 2014

Mississauga, Ontario

uFly Simulator Inc. wishes to clarify the recent news concerning Mitchell Casado. Mr. Casado was not an employee of uFly but rather an independent consultant who was retained by the company to fly the simulator, instruct customers on its operation and provide the ultimate piloting experience to patrons of the business. Over time, there developed a difference of opinion as to how to do that between Mr. Casado and uFly which ultimately resulted in uFly ending the relationship yesterday. uFly’s business plan calls for the company to have several pilots available and on call to provide this service to the company and be available for customers at all times.

Mr. Teixeira sincerely apologizes for any misunderstanding and had no intention of offending fellow Canadians or anyone else for that matter. This was an internal company matter that needed to be addressed and had to be dealt with.

uFly Simulator Inc. is a flight simulation company open to the public to provide customers with an exciting and memorable experience of flying an airplane. The 777 simulator is a state of the art machine giving a panoramic 180 degree view of what a pilot sees in flying this type of aircraft. To Experience the simulator may be made by calling (416) 777-2261 or by visiting our website at