Friday, April 18, 2014

Facing 4th lawsuit, Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (KPUJ) leaders press on for commercial jet service

CBS46 News  


Leaders with the Paulding County Airport Authority now face a fourth lawsuit in their efforts to bring commercial airline service to the airport along Highway 278.

The lawsuit alleges a violation by county officials of open meetings laws, suggesting those officials were trying to shut out the public during project negotiations.

Anthony Avery, who lives several miles from the airport, has been involved in each lawsuit as a plaintiff.

"It was a blatant, what I call conspiracy, to keep the public from being totally informed about the funding of the airport," said Avery. "The end goal is to stop the secrecy that has been going on in this county for a long period of time."

Airport director Blake Swafford said he and the airport authority did not go out of their way to advertise the commercialization project, in an effort to protect the investor.

"We were very cautious about the way we approached it, as we are with all prospects we bring to the county," said Swafford. He added that they still have done everything within the bounds of law, and he sees no reason why the project cannot come to fruition.

"Our course is set, and our footing is firm," said Swafford.

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