Tuesday, August 13, 2013

City Council extends lease for Great River Aviation: Lease was to expire in 2015, extended to 20 years - Quincy Regional Airport (KUIN), Illinois

Aldermen have given a 20 year lease to Great River Aviation to be the fixed base operator at Quincy Regional Airport.

Mike Curtis of Great River spoke to the Council and said he needed a longer term deal in place in order to secure long-term contracts and financing for the business.

The lease was set to expire in 2015 and the city had been renewing the deal every five years.

Alderman Mike Farha (R-4th Ward) said Great River wasn’t asking to renegotiate or lower the lease but just to keep the current terms in place with some adjustments for inflation. Curtis said the business has about $35,000 a month in expenses.

Curtis said he is preparing for the new school year and has 29 Quincy University students enrolled for the fall.

Andy Dow, general manager for Great River, said the FBO provides 2,100 hours of flight training and charters a year.

Aldermen also approved: 

Purchasing a police work dog from Logan Haus Kennels for up to $9,500. The funds are donated.

The low quote from Air Specialists for $5,649 for removal and installation of a HVAC unit for the main terminal building at Quincy Regional Airport.

The low bid from Savemore Carpets in the amount of $4,367.12 for replacing carpets at Fire Stations #3, #4 and #5 in the living quarters.

A bid from MES in the amount of $6,536.50 for replacement of fire hose.

A bid from Traffic Control Corporation in the amount of $17,160 for the replacement of preemptive devices and the bid from Supreme Electric in the amount of $9,877 for the installation of the preemptive devices. The devices allow emergency services vehicles to control traffic signals.

A bid from Fischer Construction of $9,950 for a roof replacement at Fire Station #3. It was not the low bid, the low bid was $180 less, but Fire Chief Joe Henning said the low bidder could not do the job for 30 days and the roof is leaking.

Source:   http://quincyjournal.com