Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fuel Sales Second Highest in More Than Two Years at Madisonville Municipal Airport (2I0), Kentucky

HOPKINS COUNTY, Ky. (8/13/13) – The Madisonville Airport Board met with good news again Monday night learning that fuel sales for July were the second highest in two and a half years. The board also was informed newly-imposed facility fees are bringing in much-needed revenue.

The board met for its monthly meeting in the conference room at the airport on Anton Road. Chairman Joe Roe asked airport manager Rick Bivins for a report on revenue generate by the airport's three-month-old facility fee policy, and learned that the fee has been successful.

For each aircraft owner utilizing the airport and terminal that does not purchase fuel is charged a $50 fee. Bivins reported that five to seven aircraft have been required to pay the fee, which is waived for those buying fuel at the airport.

Encouraging fuel purchases in lieu of facility fees may be part of the reason fuel sales were so high. Another factor in increased fuel sales corresponded with increased helicopter fueling for agricultural spraying.

"We had a lot of crop dusters fueling up in July," said Bivins.

In old business, Roe reported that he had spoken with Madisonville Mayor David Jackson about obtaining financing for building more T-hangars at the airport. The airport has 14 airplane hangars and the board wants to build at least 10 more. All 14 of the hangars are filled and others want spaces.

Source:   http://surfky.com