Monday, July 15, 2013

Mexican low-cost airline considers flights to Lima, Peru

Mexican airline Interjet, which just entered the Colombian market with direct flights between Mexico City and Bogotá, is looking into opportunities to increasing its presence in other countries around Latin American and the Carribbean, according to the company’s director, José Luis Garza Álvarez.

Interjet, which only operates direct flights, has a float of 39 Airbus A-320s and its international expansion depends on the range of this planes, Garza said.

“With the most recent plane we have acquired, we are looking at the possibility of going to Lima, but we cannot go further because the planes won’t reach,” he said.

Even though there are other markets in South America that are attractive, like Argentina, Chile and Brazil, the low-cost airline can’t reach those countries from Mexico because it doesn’t have long distance planes, according to Garza.

Interjet, which was created six years ago, flies to more than 30 destinations in Mexico and to nine destinations abroad, including Bogotá and a number of cities in the U.S.


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