Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Pilot, editor team up on McSherrystown book

Karen Walter Bowling works part-time at the Gettysburg Frame Shop on Chambersburg Street. Last winter she mentioned to a patron, Michael Cooper-White, president of the Lutheran Seminary, her work compiling a book for the 250th anniversary of McSherrystown. In the course of conversation at the shop, Bowling indicated that a previous book, "The McSherrystown Bicentennial" book done in 1963, included aerial photos of the McSherrystown community, one of which appeared on the cover.   Cooper-White offered to collaborate with Bowling to do updated photos of the town from his Cessna 150. Cooper-White waited for a perfect sunny winter day, and was skillfully able to pilot and snap photos at the same time. One striking aerial photo of the town was selected by Bowling and the Book Committee to grace the cover of the new book, "Fifty Years in McSherrystown: 1963-2013."

Numerous aerial photos add to visual interest in the book. Cooper-White said, "Without my usual photographer in the right seat, I just kept clicking my little Kodak while flying solo. I'm glad something turned out for them to use in celebrating what McSherrystown looks like today."


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