Friday, July 12, 2013

New fueling system upgrades at Arthur N. Neu Airport (KCIN), Carroll, Iowa

Carroll, Iowa -- By the end of the week the fueling system at Arthur N. Neu Municipal Airport in Carroll will receive an upgrade. Refueling aircraft can done be in two different ways and the old system was rather cumbersome. Don Mensen, who oversees the daily operations at the airport, describes the two different means of refueling.

Previously, the 10,000 gallon underground fuel tank only had one fuel cabinet connected to it. That made it necessary for operators to change out fuel nozzles on a heavy 2” diameter hose required for pressurized fueling. So to refuel over-the-wing meant operators had to wrestle the heavy hose into position on the aircraft and change out nozzles. The new fuel system upgrade will alleviate that problem as Mensen explains.

The system upgrades cost about $12,000 and it was estimated to take about 12 hours to complete. The airport is one of the busiest in western Iowa, but Mensen didn’t foresee any delays which would affect air traffic. The Arthur N. Neu Municipal Airport lands approximately 700 planes per month serving over 8,000 every year.

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