Monday, June 03, 2013

Helicopter noise: Who is concerned? Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey

June 02, 2013

Dear Editor:

The current problem with helicopter noise facing the residents of Hoboken is unacceptable. During the weekdays, the constant drone of helicopters is unending. On a clear day, you will not be able to experience silence for more than a few minutes before your ears are affronted with the sound of helicopter rotors. I have spoke informally with Mayor Zimmer and was impressed that she was already on the issue. I am sure this is no easy task given the profits involved from air tourism for New York. Does the city have the option to take legal action against the New York City Economic Development Corporation? They clearly are reaping enormous profits from the tourism while dumping the associated problems of noise and potential danger on our communities in New Jersey.

I would like to know if our city council members are as concerned about this issue? Especially the waterfront districts most impacted by the noise. Where are Ms. Mason and Ms. Castellano on this issue? Could the city council members please clarify their actions regarding this matter to the citizens of Hoboken?

Thank you,
Cliff Tisdell


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