Monday, June 03, 2013

Yeager Airport (KCRW) Budget To Get Some Revisions This Month: Charleston, West Virginia

Yeager Airport is making budget cuts because the number of people flying out of Yeager has dropped, a decline that's partially blamed on last year's loss of service to Orlando.  Overall, boardings are down from 280,000 to 260,000.

Yeager Airport's Board of Governors will vote on revisions to the budget later this month to help make up for the losses.

Yeager Airport Manager Rick Atkinson says they do not want to pass along additional costs to customers.  "In a competitive airline environment, it is very important," he said.  "Airlines are very sensitive to the cost of doing business.  We don't want to get at the higher end of the cost of doing business for them."

Atkinson says raising landing and boarding fees could help make up the income loss.

There is also the possibility of job cuts.  "We have situations where there are people in the next six months  that are eligible for retirement and, when they take their retirement, those positions, we won't fill," Atkinson said.  "We'll just have to do more with less."

Security changes that are in the works could also help.  "Security requirements that may be able to do some of those things with technology instead of people," Atkinson says.

He says a $5,000 one time investment could save Yeager as much as $100,000.


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