Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nagpur Flying Club plans to acquire two more Cessna

NAGPUR: The Nagpur Flying Club (NFC) is planning to acquire two more aircraft to train its students. This will take the total number of planes with NFC to six. The club already has four Cessna aircraft, with three of them being Cessna 152 and one Cessna 172R.

"We are concentrating on improving the quality of training being given to our students and that is why efforts are being made to get more aircrafts, so that more resources are available to our children," said NFC in charge MAH Khan.

NFC is in talks with a person who is ready to give two Cessna aircraft with some conditions. The offer is under consideration. One of the conditions includes the right of usage to NFC if it maintains the aircraft.

Sources said, requests by NFC for new planes had been forwarded to the Aero Club of India. But the request enticed no response. The NFC also doesn't have a multi-engine aircraft on which students need certain hours experience to complete their training. For this, the trainee pilots have to go to other cities like Hyderabad.

When asked why NFC was not acquiring such an aircraft instead of another Cessna, Khan said, "A whole new set up will have to be made for the maintenance of a multi-engine aircraft and it will require a lot of money. Doing that will put more monetary pressure on our students, which we do not want. Comparatively, going to other cities for the training will always be a better option."

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