Friday, January 18, 2013

Flight school issued training certificate: Victoria Regional Airport (KVCT), Texas

Calhoun Air Center at Victoria Regional Airport was recently certified to teach private airplane pilots lessons.

The center also offers helicopter private lessons.

The next step for the flight school is to add instrument, commercial, certified flight instructor and certified flight instructor instrument to the certification.

Erin Michael, chief flight instructor, is working on the instrument and commercial approval. Once those courses are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, the flight school will begin the process to become certified by the Veterans Administration. This will enable veterans to attend the flight school and use their VA benefits.

In addition, an application has been submitted for the flight school to accept international students through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System program.

The Flight School is working on approval for all courses for helicopter training as well.

To learn more about the newest addition to Calhoun Air Center's airplane flight training courses, contact Michael at 361-575-2359 or via email at For more information on helicopter flight training courses, contact Toni McCarthy at 361-575-2359 or via email at


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