Sunday, December 23, 2012

'Horrific': Glider slams to ground

A MELBOURNE man suffered “horrific” but not life-threatening leg injuries after his glider crashed near the Tocumwal aerodrome yesterday afternoon.

Sen-Constable James Prentice, of Finley police highway patrol, said the 40-year-old was 400 metres south of the aerodrome when his right wing clipped a tree as he tried to gain altitude about noon.

The glider crashed to the ground and Sen-Constable Prentice said the Melbourne man suffered “horrific” leg injuries, particularly to his ankles.

The man was placed on a spinal board but officers don’t believe he has spinal injuries and it was a precautionary measure.

The man, a recreational pilot, was flown to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Sen-Constable Prentice said the warm, westerly winds, affecting the glider’s climb, could have contributed to the crash.

Ambulance, NSW Fire and Rescue, the VRA and SES attended.

Pictures from the crash scene:

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