Sunday, December 23, 2012

Air India flight cancelled

Air India has canceled its Chandigarh-Delhi flight (AI864/863) for December 24. The operation of the flight has been canceled due to uncertainty in weather. Officials said that since this flight goes to Mumbai as well, the operation between Delhi and Mumbai has not been canceled and will operate as per normal schedule.

The passengers who were to board the flight from Chandigarh will be required to reach the Chandigarh Airport at 8 am from where alternate arrangements will be made to take them to Delhi.

Due to the thick cover of fog on Saturday, no airline could ply flights to and from Chandigarh. This led to harassment of the passengers who were stranded.

Station Manager, Air India, Chandigarh, M R Jindal said that many passengers have connecting flights from Delhi with the holiday season starting. It was decided that in order to avoid uncertainty, the flight would be canceled and passengers given alternate transportation facilities.

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