Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Emirates pick up Ottoman show after Turkish Airlines blocks it on flights

Emirates airline has bought the first 12 episodes of the popular Turkish period drama “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (The Magnificent Century) to air on its in-flight channels, daily Hürriyet reported today. Turkish Airlines (THY) blocked the series after the Turkish prime minister criticized it.

“Muhteşem Yüzyıl” has become the first Turkish-made project that the Arab airline has included in its in-flight programs.

Erdoğan recently dished out heavy criticism of “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” for its portrayal of the Ottoman ruler Süleyman the Magnificent.

“Muhteşem Yüzyıl” is a popular TV show airing in Turkey and abroad, following the lives of the Ottoman ruler Süleyman and his love, Hürrem Sultan. The show focuses on Süleyman’s personal and palace life, portraying characters from the harem as well as from the royal family. The show’s critics claim the series is degrading Turkish history by its caricaturesque portrayal of Süleyman in his harem.


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