Monday, October 29, 2012

Jet Edge International & Asia Jet Announce Collaborative Fleet Expansion

LOS ANGELES, Oct 29, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Jet Edge International, one of the fastest growing aircraft management and charter companies in the U.S., has joined forces in a strategic relationship with Asia Jet, an aviation leader in Asia that makes Jet Edge the exclusive aircraft operator for all Asia Jet aircraft under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registry.

Asia Jet has been duly appointed the exclusive sales and marketing partner in Asia for Jet Edge's U.S.-based fleet. Asia Jet now also enjoys a shareholding partnership with Jet Edge, and Asia Jet's Chief Executive Officer Mike Walsh was recently appointed to Jet Edge's Board of Directors.

"We've been working on this plan over the past 12 months, as we knew that China would be a future growth area for our company," said Bill Papariella, president of Jet Edge International. "Asia Jet and their shareholders have provided a significant existing platform from which we can grow and execute our business plan. With four aircraft already available I expect Asia Jet, in coordination with Jet Edge, to grow our collective businesses exponentially, but also responsibly."

With their collaboration, the two companies have built a business model that provides private aircraft owners in Asia with a strong, sustainable and flexible platform, as well as expanded fleet access to large cabin jets for private jet travelers in both the Pacific Rim and the United States. Immediately available for charter in Asia are four Gulfstream aircraft: a G-IVSP; a G300 and two G200s, with multiple aircraft in the pipeline thanks to significant interest from local aircraft owners who wish to have their assets managed efficiently.

All aircraft in the Asia Jet fleet under FAA registry will be operated and maintained on Jet Edge's Air Carrier Certificate, while Asia Jet will continue to be responsible for the sales and marketing of its on-demand charters, card programs, aircraft acquisition, consultancy and aircraft management services.

"We evaluated a number of potential aircraft charter management companies to work with in the U.S. and found that Jet Edge International had the right mixture of experience and expertise to satisfy our requirements and our clients' needs," said Walsh. "We are pleased with our progress to-date and look forward to growing our aircraft management presence in Asia with the assistance of Jet Edge."

Papariella added, "We are excited to finally capitalize on a business plan that was well thought out prior to adding aircraft. Our company and Asia Jet spent significant amounts of time, energy and capital to develop a strong business model that has sustainable elements. In addition, the recent investment proves we are committed to becoming a substantial regional player for the medium to long term through our deepening partnership. Our collective goal is to be the leaders in Asia, and I have no doubt that Mike Walsh and his team will achieve this goal."

With one of the largest dedicated fleets of large cabin charter aircraft in the world, Jet Edge offers clients an exceptional combination of price, performance and value-added customer preferences in the most popular business jets, with new aircraft scheduled for delivery regularly. The Jet Edge fleet includes Gulfstream V, Gulfstream 450, Gulfstream IVSP, Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream 300, Gulfstream III, Gulfstream 200, Lear 45 aircraft and coming soon Gulfstream 280's.

About Jet Edge International

Jet Edge International, a Bard Capital Company, has quickly become a leader in private aviation and one of the fastest-growing, full-service integrated private jet management and service companies in the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Jet Edge International offers individuals and companies 365-day-a-year guaranteed access to multiple jet types on one of the most diversified and state-of-the-art private jet fleets in the world, with unparalleled and award-winning safety programs. Jet Edge International also offers aircraft management, charter management, on-demand charter, aircraft acquisition and sales, and maintenance services. The Jet Edge International leadership team's aviation expertise spans flight operations, charter management, aircraft sales, marketing, and maintenance management. For more information on Jet Edge International, please visit .

About Asia Jet

Asia Jet, headquartered in Hong Kong has been the preferred charter service company in Asia since its establishment in 2008. The Asia Jet brand has been the symbol of top class service and safety in the Asia region; serving distinguished clients through its jet card membership, consultancy, aircraft acquisition, on demand charter and aircraft management services. For more information on Asia Jet, please visit

SOURCE: Jet Edge International

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