Monday, October 29, 2012

Rockwell International 114, N114JA: Aircraft force landed on a highway - Brunswick, Georgia

  Regis#: 114JA        Make/Model: 114       Description: ROCKWELL 114
  Date: 10/29/2012     Time: 1630

  Event Type: Incident   Highest Injury: None     Mid Air: N    Missing: N
  Damage: Unknown

  City: BRUNSWICK   State: GA   Country: US


INJURY DATA      Total Fatal:   0
                 # Crew:   1     Fat:   0     Ser:   0     Min:   0     Unk:    
                 # Pass:   0     Fat:   0     Ser:   0     Min:   0     Unk:    
                 # Grnd:         Fat:   0     Ser:   0     Min:   0     Unk:    

  Activity: Unknown      Phase: Landing      Operation: OTHER

  FAA FSDO: COLLEGE PARK, GA  (SO11)              Entry date: 10/31/2012

Travelers who frequent Interstate 95 know traffic is typically heavy, regardless of the time of day or particular location on the 1,925-mile-long road.

So it’s understandable that John Wright of New Brockton is giving credit to divine intervention after his ailing airplane found a relatively clean break in traffic on Monday morning in south Georgia.

Wright and a friend had just taken off from Golden Isles Airport in Brunswick, Ga., bound for Ozark, when his Rockwell Commander 114 airplane failed to climb.

It soon became apparent that Wright would not be able to continue his flight, nor would he be able to turn around and land at the airport.

“At that time the aircraft was still settling with maximum power applied,” Wright said.

Wright located a clearing ahead which initially appeared to be a perfect place to land. As the plane got closer, Wright realized the clearing was actually a marshy swamp.

With his options quickly dwindling, Wright noticed Interstate 95 at the edge of the swamp.

“The traffic wasn’t nose-to-tail. There was a good break,” he said.

Wright maneuvered the plane over the northbound lane and landed without incident.

Georgia Highway Patrol units soon arrived and escorted Wright, who was able to taxi the plane a few miles up the interstate to a weigh station.

“The police were very cooperative,” Wright said. “The main thing is there were no personal injuries or damage.”

All airplane incidents of this type are reported to the Federal Aviation Administration. An incident report has been generated and an investigation has begun into what caused the plane to fail to climb.

Wright, a former military pilot, has more than 4,000 hours of flight time. He said the engine on his airplane had fewer than three hours of flight time.

Plane lands on I-95 in Georgia 

An aircraft made an emergency landing on Interstate 95 at mile marker 45 in Georgia near the Glynn County and McIntosh County line. 

GLYNN COUNTY, GA. - An aircraft made an emergency landing on Interstate 95 at mile marker 45 in Georgia near the Glynn County and McIntosh County line. According to Georgia Highway Patrol, the plane did not crash, it made an emergency landing and officials are attempting to move the aircraft off the highway. No injuries have been reported and the FAA is investigating.

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