Friday, September 28, 2012

Solved after 70 years: The mystery of the missing Lancaster bomber crew

    - A lost Lancaster bomber crew have finally been found after a German team located the remains of their downed aircraft near Frankfurt

    - Five missing British airmen were found inside the wreckage of their World War Two bomber

    - They were guided to the site in Laumersheim, Germany, by an eye-witness who saw the plane crash 69 years ago

The mighty drone of 600 bombers filled the night air as they flew the length of eastern England. As planes thundered overhead, people peeped through their blackout curtains to see if they could glimpse what was then one of the largest bombing forces ever assembled.

On board the Lancasters, Stirlings, Halifaxes and Wellingtons were more than 4,000 airmen — and all knew they stood a very good chance of not returning to base the following morning.

Among that awesome mass of metal pounding through the dark sky was a Lancaster bomber with the marking ED427.

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