Friday, September 28, 2012

Jet Expo 2012: high flight of Russia’s business aviation

The Moscow-based Vnukovo 3 aviation terminal is hosting the Jet Expo 2012 business jet show which is attended by the world’s major plane makers, like Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream, AugustaWestland and Bell Aviation.

The show features some 100 companies from 27 countries which brought 40 business jets and helicopters to the show.

Though business jets are pricey, Russia is seeing a rapidly growing demand in them and an increasing number of business jet flights. Last year, Russia saw 150,000 such flights and this year the number is expected to reach 160,000. International plane makers brought their cutting edge super comfortable and posh jets to the show. Today’s trend in the market is high-pace development, especially taking into account that most jets are now used not to fly their owners on holidays but to business meetings, deal signings or large corporation inspections.

The Jet Expo showcases aircraft with great versatility and design. Thus, Bombardier brought four of its new business jets. The company has been operating in Russia for a long time, considering the country a vital and key market, says the company’s representative Philip Nasskau.

Italy’s Piaggio Aero is showcasing its new Piaggio P180Avanti twin-engine turboprop aircraft with a Ferrai logo which is often called Aero Ferrari.

The jet is comfortable, original and reliable.

Now some 158 business jets are registered in Russia and experts predict 525 jets to be imported up to 2020, while in 2021-2030 the number of jets is forecast to reach 1,700 machines.


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