Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aviation dean discusses future of industry


Aviation is a strong and steadily growing industry in the area, but may manifest itself a little bit differently in the next few years, an expert said Wednesday.

Speaking to the Enterprise Lions Club, Tucson Roberts, dean of Aviation and Workforce at the Alabama Aviation Center, said aviation has been a longtime staple in southern Alabama’s economy with Fort Rucker’s presence. With impending defense spending cuts and the announcement of Airbus’ new plant in Mobile, the aviation industry may move more to the private sector.

“With impending cuts -- and there will be cuts -- (aviation) defense will remain stable at best,” he said. “What’s happened in aviation is the civil/commercial side slowed during the recession. As we come out of the recession, I think there will be more opportunities (there).”

In July, Airbus announced plans to build a Mobile plant that will be used to build jets, a move that is expected to generate 3,000 jobs, according to a Mobile Press-Register report.

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