Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cessna 170B, N3413D: Plane makes emergency landing in field near Orange County neighborhood, Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. - A plane made an emergency landing near an Orange County neighborhood on Friday.   

Robert Mitchell, a pilot since 1958, had to bring his small plane down in a field along County Road 535, just west of Bay Hill.

Mitchell was flying the small Cessna from Bartow to New Smyrna Beach when he said he started having problems with his plane and looked for a place to land.

He said he chose the field because it was the option furthest away from any homes.

Mitchell landed safely and said he believes he has water in his gas tank.

He'll sleep in his plane overnight and once it's light out, he'll check everything out and continue on his flight to New Smyrna Beach.

Mitchell said he has had the plane since 1971 and this is the first time he's had any problems.

March 2010: 

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