Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cessna 150: Jerome's eyes in the sky - Ontario, Canada (With Video)

Story and video:

By Jerome Lessard, The Intelligencer

That's the first thing Chris Colton, executive director of the National Air Force Museum of Canada in Trenton and former C-130 Hercules pilot, and this reporter notice as we approached the downtown area after taking off aboard a Cessna 150 at Tyendinaga Airport early Thursday morning.

From the new Quinte Consolidated Courthouse building and its six-storey concrete tower in the city's skyline, Belleville General Hospital and its new emergency room project, to the newly built — but yet to be open — Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre, The Friendly City is expanding and changing.

Photographing from the sky while flying near the largest air force base in Canada is not the easiest task. Colton keeps in constant communication with 8 Wing/CFB Trenton's control tower for most of the 70-minute flight.

“We are above the Bay of Quinte, south of Belleville. Would like to go toward Weese Road in Ameliasburgh along the Bay of Quinte and Rednersville Road to photograph a private farm,” asked the experience pilot through the radio.

“Negative C-FWXX (our aircraft's number for radio communication purposes), we have cadets flying gliders at Mountain View south of your current location and three CF members about to `chute out of a Herc above your current location,” said the air controller.

The cooler morning temperatures made for a smooth photo flight Thursday.

Despite its impressive size from the street, Belleville's new courthouse seems like a school project from the sky — even from just 1,200 feet above.

Belleville General Hospital has gained space not only with its brand new wing (Sills Wing) and future new ER, but also with the addition of parking areas.

Finally, those who cannot wait for the city new sports facility to open its doors won't be disappointed — from the sky, the facility adds twice as much square footage than the Yardmen and Wally Dever Arenas already offered.

To get a true view of the city's growth, take to the sky.

Story and video:

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