Friday, February 24, 2012

The Sport of Hunting from a Plane?

ELBOW LAKE, Minn. – (KSAX) A new bill proposed this last week has one Minnesota Representative flying high with this new idea that will send you hunting in the sky.

Wiley Coyote once tried to hunt down the roadrunner from a plane, but the tables could soon be turned around if one greater Minnesota lawmaker gets his wish in a new proposed bill.

"It would bring back a new dimension of hunting coyotes in the state of Minnesota. Simply allows the DNR to permit without charge anyone that would like to hunt from an airplane or an aircraft, coyotes in the state of Minnesota with reasonable restrictions," explains Minnesota Representative Torrey Westrom.

Westrom said with the bill briefly introduced this last week, the people he has talked to first, take a pause and secondly, think, ‘Hey, we should take a look at this.’

"The idea was brought to me by constituents over the years and recently a constituent asked me to draft the bill and recalled the years back in the 60's and 70's when they used to hunt coyotes and wolves from the airplane. It was a great sport, successful at times and just another dimension to the hunting sport that so many people enjoy.”

The proposed bill would serve two purposes.

"It’s two fold. One, its gives people incentive and another way to hunt the coyote and two, it is to deal with the nuisance problem that coyotes have become,” continues Westrom.

Even though it doesn’t seem too common of a practice, it would serve its purpose of just adding another dimension to the sport.

"It’s not going to be for everybody, but there are some people that would rather do it that way and it might make it more enjoyable for somebody that has an aircraft or a pilot’s license and wants to take on that dimension of hunting.” "And this would be just one more way to incent and entice people that like to go out and hunt and enjoy the sport of hunting."

The state legislature started to allow counties to have bounties for coyotes last year. Westrom also announced today he has decided to run for the District 12 Senate seat for November's election.

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