Friday, February 24, 2012

Atlantic City International Airport (KACY): Authorities to begin ticketing unlicensed airport jitneys

EGG HARBOR TWP. -- Authorities are now implementing strict guidelines regarding unlicensed jitney drivers in Egg Harbor Township, after officials say the ones traveling to the airport were technically operating illegally.

Authorities will now ticket the jitney drivers who travel to Atlantic City International Airport, as an ordinance in the township only identifies taxis and limos for airport transport Back in December, the SJTA called on jitneys to run an airport shuffle on an emergency basis, but there have been some discrepancies for licensing since.

The AC Jitney Association received a cease and desist letter a couple weeks ago, and both municipalities are trying to come up with a resolution to fix the situation.

It's not clear whether any actual tickets were issued Thursday.

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