Friday, February 24, 2012

The Museum of Flying Grand Opening: Santa Monica plane place is set for its redebut.

The Museum of Flying

The Museum of Flying reopens on Saturday, Feb. 25.

When the Museum of Flying opened in 1989, it was located not in a downtown area, or next to other museums, but probably at the best place it could be: an airport.

And if you visited the Santa Monica Airport in the decade or so that followed, you saw a number of planes that chronicled the arc of flight, from its early years to more modern times. But the institution shuttered in 2002; planes were stowed here and there and some were loaned out.

Now, just about a decade later, the museum is set to take off once more. The Museum of Flying reopens on Saturday, Feb. 25 with a grand ribbon cutting.

Inside on this go-around? Two dozen planes that tell the story of the sky. A Wright replica is in the collection, says a rep, as well as more zoom-zoom engines like the BD-5 micro jet.

Admission is five bucks, but if you're a wing-loving kid who is five and under, you get in for free.

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