Saturday, February 25, 2012

New flight simulator unveiled at the Waukesha County Airport (KUES), Wisconsin

WAUKESHA COUNTY – There’s a way to soar to new heights in our area. People in Waukesha County get the chance to check out a new flight simulator.

Spring City Aviation unveiled its new flight simulator on Saturday.

Egon Grothe has been flying for more than fifty years and wanted to check it out for himself.  Grothe says, “I like the vision like you could see all around, and I like the capabilities of it.”

The simulator has computer monitors that set the scene as if you were actually flying out of various cities.  Aviation enthusiast, Timothy Prudlow, says, “It’s an awesome, full motion platform.  It gives you forty degrees of roll , 50 degrees of pitch, 60 degrees of yaw.  So it’s a realistic experience, which you can’t get that sitting at a desk.  You can train in a basic single engine plane to a faster plane.”

Officials say the simulator can be used as a cost-efficient teaching tool for students learning how to fly.

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