Saturday, February 25, 2012

Opinion: Phoenix, Arizona residents simply need to look up at the sky

With regard to recent letters discussing "chemtrails" and contrails over Phoenix, residents simply need to look up at the sky (between Arizona 51 and I-17, from Northern Avenue to McDowell Road) on any given day to see a constant drone of non-commercial aircraft flying in circuitous patterns without destination.

These jets (several red, others white with blue underbellies), as well as numerous gliders, circle around and around at altitudes of 500 to 700 feet in repetitive patterns.

Meanwhile, higher-flying jets (white) crisscross the skies above the lower-flying aircraft, leaving massive stretches of "chemtrails" in long opposing, sweeping patterns, oftentimes intersecting. The result in many cases is shown as giant "X" in the sky.

Although contrails are formed at 16,500 feet, the jets that I have witnessed leaving "chemtrails" appear to be flying no higher than 1,500 feet.

What are these jets and gliders flying in non-FAA flight zones?

--Keith Wigman, Phoenix

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