Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tornado leaves behind damage at Madison Municipal Airport (KIMS), Indiana.

Plane that was damaged by the tornado which hit the Madison, IN airport.

Damaged building at the Madison, IN airport

Damage at Clifty Engineering in Madison, IN

The Clifty Engineering building in Madison, IN

MADISON, IN (WAVE) - The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-0 tornado did hit the Madison Municipal Airport on Tuesday. Straight line winds of up to 95 mph hit a nearby business.

"I didn't even know what was happening at first," said airport manager Hazel Wilkerson, who told us it all happened really fast. "I thought, ‘oh, the window is going to come in,' so I made it underneath the counter here because I thought the glass was gonna come through."

It felt like it lasted only seconds according to Ralph Rogers.

"It was over so quick, I didn't have time to be scared, said Rogers, the airport assistant manager.

When Wilkerson and Rogers looked out the window, they saw an airplane on its nose. They also found part of the airport building had damage to its roof, the pillars on the outside were left mangled, and the hanger doors were damaged.

"It's kind of like it skipped from here, to here, and none of the other buildings were damaged," said Wilkerson. "When you start looking you think, ‘geez, where did it go?'"

It ended up hitting Clifty Engineering next.

"As you can see here the roof peeled off like a tin can," said Shane Jackson of Clifty Engineering. "I saw everything fly by - insulation, tree limbs, metal."

Jackson said this morning the employees that are normally on the second floor were luckily downstairs when the storm hit. The building suffered major damage.

"The roof, concrete block, gas lines," said Jackson. "We had a gas leak for awhile."

Siding from the back building was also peeled off. Insulation was scattered everywhere with part of the roof caught in a tree. Computer equipment has been saved and crews are already patching up the roof.

"To heck with the building as long as no body us hurt that is all that matters," said Jackson.

The National Weather Service says the tornado was 1/3 of a mile long, 60 yards wide, with maximum speeds of 85 miles per hour.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Source:  http://www.wave3.com

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