Monday, January 23, 2012

POLL: “Which Kahului Airport (PHOG) Runway Repair Option Do You Prefer?”

It emerged recently that the Federal Aviation Authority would no longer fund patch maintenance of Kahului Airport’s primary runway, prompting Hawaii to perform a full repair.

Since then, the state Department of Transportation has been working with various stakeholders to resolve the situation. Three main options have emerged, and are listed below.

It should be noted that the FAA will pay for 75% of the cost of the repair project, while the other 25% will come from “airport user fees” (according to DOT).

The DOT says economic impact of a complete shutdown for two months of all wide-body aircraft could result in a large reduction in tourists (50%, HTA figure) and potentially cost up to $350 million (Department of Business Economic Development & Tourism figure). Subsequent options are designed to mitigate or eliminate the cost to the local economy.

The issue is to be discussed in a public meeting at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Pomaikai Elementary School Cafeteria, where options will be presented. The community will have an opportunity to have input in the decision.

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