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On Camera: Patna High Court judge abuses airline staff. At airport High Court judge alleged to hurl obscenities, threats, mobile phone; IndiGo complains to Patna Chief Justice.

IndiGo Airlines has complained to the Chief Justice of the Patna High Court about Patna High Court judge PC Verma who allegedly hurled a plethora of abuse at ground staff of IndiGo Airlines, with DNA publishing what appeared to be a video of the incident last week.

The incident allegedly took place when IngiGo airline flight 6E-342 (LKO/PAT/CCU) landed in Patna airport on 2 November, as reported by Hindustan Times on 4 November.

Assistant Manager (security), Bablu Z Jatti, in his statement recorded that after disembarking the plane, Verma is alleged to have asked his protocol staff to board the flight and retrieve his hand-luggage from the overhead bin inside the plane.

According to Jatti’s statement, IndiGo airline security staff Dheeraj Kumar, who was posted at ladder 1 of the aircraft, stopped Verma’s protocol officer from entering the plane because he did not fall under the category of “authorised person having a legitimate reason to enter the aircraft” as per “BCAS guidelines”, and told Verma that his bags would be fetched after the disembarking process came to an end.

Jatti added: “Mr Verma also started physically assaulting Mr Dheeraj at ramp in front of all passengers, staff and CISF. I intervened and requested Mr Dheeraj to return to the terminal building immediately. When I politely spoke with Justice Verma, he, in turn, he also tried to assault me. He threw down my walkie talkie set along with my duty mobile which was broken.

“Later Mr Verma was stopped by the CISF personnel present at the ramp, upon which, he asked the CISF personnel to arrest all the IndiGo staff and put them behind bars. He was running on the ramp area and was verbally and physically abusive towards anyone trying to approach him.”

Jatti also stated that Justice Verma was escorted to the terminal building by CISF staff with “great effort” and after the incident the airline lodged a formal complaint with the Patna Airport police station, although airport police at the time told Hindustan Times that no complaint had been received.

On 23 December 2011, the airline lodged a written complaint with the Patna Chief Justice including video footage, which was published by DNA on 19 January 2012: “As requested, please find enclosed the statements provided by my colleagues Mr Bablu Z Jatti (Assistant Manager – Security), and Mr Dheeraj Kumar (Security Agent), for your kind perusal. We are also enclosing video footage of the aforementioned incident for your purposes.”

According to the Patna High Court website, “Prakash Chandra Verma, B.Sc, LL.B was born on January 12, 1951. He was enrolled as an Advocate on March 17, 1976 and practiced in the Lucknow Bench of the High Court in Civil, constitutional, Taxation, Labour and Service matters”.

He functioned as chief standing counsel on 1 March 1996 and was elevated as permanent judge of the Allahabad High Court on 5 February 1999, a judge of the Uttranchal High Court on 9 November 2000, transferred back to Allahabad High Court on 4 February 2009, and finally transferred back to Patna High Court on 8 April 2011.

On 18 December 2010, Tehelka reported that Verma’s son was practising in the Allahabad High Court while Verma was serving as a judge.

In the 2 minutes 15 second video clip, a man, who is alleged to be Verma, is heard abusing the airline staff and threatening to shut down the airline.

Video transcript and pictorial with English translations

Man A: Abhi aa raha hai
Just coming now

Voice in back ground: Please aaiye baithiye
Please come and sit

Man B: Rahul Bhatia ko abhi bulata hoon. Abhi Rahul Bhatia ko bulata hoon m****ch***. Aircraft kalse nehi chalegi. m****ch***. Teri craft kal se nehi chalegi yahan Patna airland pe, airport mein sale...PC Verma...
I am calling Rahul Bhatia. I'll call Rahul Bhatia right now m*****f*****. Aircraft will not function from tomorrow. m*****f*****. 
Your airline will not function from tomorrow [inaudible] here in Patna airport [inaudible] PC Verma
The next few seconds of the clip remain inaudible.

Man B: M****ch***. tumhara dimaag kharab hai? Usko pakad sale ko, kahan gaya wo?
M*****f*****, are you out of your mind? Go bring him. Where did he go?

Man A: Kahan jaega sir?

 Where will he go sir?
Man B: Mere sath le aa. Leke pakad ke mere sath chalo m****ch***, abhi, kahan gaya?
Bring him with me. Go catch hold of him and bring him with me m*****f*****, now, where is he?

Voice in background: Leke aao use. Kahan gaya woh?
 Go get him here. Where is he?

Man B: Isi sale ko marenge. Agar woh nei aya, tujhe maarenge m****ch***.
We'll beat this one. If he doesn't come, we'll beat you m*****f*****

 Man A: Aap aise marenge...?
You’re talking like this?

Man B: Tumhe marenge m****ch***, agar woh nehi aya, tumhe marenge m****ch***, tumne bhagaya hai...
We’ll beat you m*****f***** if he doesn’t come. We’ll beat you m*****f*****, you whisked him away

Man A: Aaap aisa kyun baat ker rahe hai? Aap ko acha nehi lagta, aap kitne acche aadmi hai...
Why are you speaking like this? It doesn't look good on you, you are such a nice man...

Man B: M****ch***, m****ch***.

 M*****f*****, m*****f*****.

Background voice: Kya yeh... Sir aap aaiye...
What's this. Sir you come here...
Man B: Kawn admi hai woh?
Where is that man?

[Few seconds of inaudible talk... Camera moves as Man B walks down tarmac towards other Indigo plane]
Man A: Sir aap rukiye please.
Sir, please stop...
Man B: Yeh plane nehi jaegii… yahan se.
This plane will not go from here.

Man A: Sir, plane kaise nehi jaegii sir? Rukiye ek minute rukiye. Sir hold keriye.
Sir, how will the plane not go? Stop one minute sir, sir please hold on...
Man B: Pakad ke laao...
Catch him and bring him here…
Man A: Woh aara hai..aa raha hai...Sir aaraha hai woh, aa raha hai...
He is coming here. Sir, he is coming, he is coming...

Voice in background: Paani dejiye, aap paani deekiye…
Give water, you give water...

Man B: Kahan gaya ladka woh?
Where did that boy go?
Background: Sir, woh aaraha hai... haan aa raha hai...
Sir, he is coming...yes he is coming...
Man B: Bulaaye inhe m****ch***... tor sale ka handset, bhag yahan se, tor iska ka handset.
Call him, m*****f*****.... break his handset, get out of here, break his handset.

 Man A: Kya sir aap aise ker raha hai.. yeh kya hai yeh batein...
What sir? Why are you doing this? What are these talks?
 Man B: Yeh nehi jaegi... tor sale...cheen sale ka..
This will not go, break it, take his [inaudible]

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