Friday, December 16, 2011

India: Kanpur-Kolkata flight cancelled

KANPUR: The Kanpur-Kolkata flight could not take off from Chakeri Airport on Friday due to foggy weather.

The Delhi-Kanpur flight arrived at the airport but it was late by nearly five hours. Instead of landing at 11.25 am which is its scheduled arrival time, the Delhi-Kanpur flight landed at 4.20 pm. The same flight which had to reach Kolkata, could not take off due to delay.

This caused inconvenience to both the air travellers.

The officials of Air India informed that the Kanpur-Kolkata flight had to be cancelled because of unclear weather and late arrival of the Delhi flight.

The commissioning of the instrument landing system (ILS) has eased the situation to a considerable extent as till last year, the flights were unable to land at Chakeri airport in the winters.

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