Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Beechcraft Baron: All’s well that lands well for airplane in distress. British Columbia, Canada.

A distress call from a small aircraft at the Kamloops airport was resolved before emergency crews could get close to Fulton Field Wednesday afternoon.

Airport manager Fred Legace said a twin engine Beechcraft Baron took off from Kamloops in the afternoon and it appears a door came ajar while it was in flight.

The plane returned to the airport, but the pilot couldn’t extend the flaps on the aircraft, which allows the airplane to slow down for landing, Legace said.

A distress call was made and emergency vehicles were called in.

Moments later, the pilot landed without any problems, he said.

“He ended up having to land — we call it landing hot — at a higher than normal speed,” he said.

“He was down and landed before anybody arrived.”

The emergency crews were called off and the pilot got the problems sorted out quickly, Legace said.

Within a few more minutes, the pilot took off without a hitch.

While the airport doesn’t have onsite fire trucks and crews, the tender for a truck has just gone out and the advertising has begun for a firefighter supervisor/instructor, he said.

Legace said the fire truck is expected to arrive next summer.

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