Saturday, May 14, 2022

Man arrested for criminal trespass at the Minot Airport International Airport (KMOT)

Minot, North Dakota -  A 42-year-old Minot man was arrested by police early Friday morning after he went through a security exit door and into the gate boarding area of the Minot International Airport.

According to police, officers were sent to the airport initially to deal with a person who was upset about missing a flight.

As they were handling that incident, an airport security alarm went off and a witness told police a man went through a secured area exit door and into the gate boarding area. Officers quickly located the man, who was scheduled for an outgoing flight. He was taken into custody without incident.

Following normal airport security procedures, passengers on the outgoing flight were deboarded and the flight cancelled until the secured area of the airport was searched and cleared.

The man was taken to the Ward County Jail and initially charged with felony criminal trespass. Police say he was not associated with or related to the man upset over missing his flight.


  1. Time for a quick trip to the No Fly list.

  2. I would do anything I could to escape Minot too 😂