Saturday, November 20, 2021

Michael Schlachter: Boulder Municipal Airport (KBDU): No right to cry Not In My Backyard

I am writing in response to the November 18 letter, “Boulder Municipal Airport – A public health problem.”

Boulder Municipal Airport is home to millions of dollars of economic activity every year, as well as dozens of jobs, from aircraft repair, new experimental aircraft construction, NASA contracts, high-tech companies, and instruction for the next generation of airline pilots. Boulder Municipal Airport also plays a vital role in public safety, serving as the base of operations for lifesaving efforts during the 2013 floods, for fire fighting equipment (especially during the terrible 2020 fire season), and for medevac helicopters during inclement weather. Per the health concerns raised in the headline and letter, the Federal Aviation Administration is in the process of rolling out a new generation of aircraft fuel that burns as clean as auto fuel and a number of manufacturers have begun to produce the first all-electric aircraft.

Airports in Santa Monica, San Rafael, and San Jose are under siege due to the efforts of real estate developers who wish to line their pockets at the expense of vital public interests. Don’t let that happen here. Boulder Municipal Airport was opened in the 1920s, and anyone who has bought or built a house near it in the last 90-plus years knew it was there when they moved in and has no right to cry “Not In My Backyard.”

Michael Schlachter
Boulder, Colorado

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