Sunday, June 13, 2021

Incident occurred June 12, 2021 in Bellevue, Clay County, Texas

A small airplane made an emergency landing on U.S. 287 just north of Bellevue Saturday night.

Clay County Sheriff Jeff Lyde described the incident in a live Facebook post as he was driving.

"It wasn't a crash and nobody got hurt," Lyde said. "They were having some engine problems, they were trying to make it to the Bowie airport. It being a single-engine aircraft once the engine failed they glided down and they landed right there on 287."

Lyde said the plane landed in the southbound lanes.

"TxDOT...did a great job out there blocking off the roadway. Actually, a guy in a Ryder truck blocked the right-hand lane. It was a real good community-come-together thing," he said.

The sheriff said the highway was only blocked for five to seven minutes.

"So, now you know what all the hubbub was about the airplane," Lyde said.

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