Sunday, April 18, 2021

Cessna 177B, N34001: Incident occurred April 13, 2021 at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport (KGFL) , Warren County, New York

QUEENSBURY — The plane that made an emergency landing at Warren County airport on Tuesday night had engine trouble.

The Cessna plane landed sometime after 8:30 p.m. on the main north-south runway at the airfield. It stopped at the north end of the runway.

Warren County Public Works Commissioner Kevin Hajos said the pilot “glided” the aircraft to the landing with no engine in operation. The pilot landed safely and there was no damage to the plane. There were no injuries.

The plane is currently being examined by a mechanic at the airport.

Several local fire departments were called out for potential response.

South Queensbury Fire Chief Tom Harrington said his department was first on scene. 

Harrington said a man he estimated to be in his late 50s and a young child were in the plane.

He said they were headed to Vermont, possibly Burlington. Harrington was unsure where the flight originated.

“We proceeded to pull the plane back to the tarmac,” he said.

Harrington said another plane had landed about 5 minutes before this plane was due and had heard the distress call. That plane was already on the taxiway and ready to assist if necessary.

The Bay Ridge Fire Department also responded to the scene. Standing by were the Glens Falls, Kingsbury, Hudson Falls, West Glens Falls, Queensbury Central and North Queensbury fire departments, according to Harrington.

“That’s the mutual aid plan for a plane in distress,” he said.

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