Saturday, January 16, 2021

Chattanooga Airport (KCHA) Police Finds Kidnapping Case Sketchy

Police were called by a man who reported an incident that officers determined did not occur in their district, but rather at 1001 Airport Road.

Officers asked dispatch to give the call to the Chattanooga Airport Police. 

The dispatcher of the Chattanooga Airport Police called the officer and told him that the matter didn't seem real and that he wasn't going to dispatch the call to his officers. 

The police officer told him that it could have been real, but he said it couldn't be.

The man who reported the incident said that his wife and two sons were possibly kidnapped from the Chattanooga Airport when their plane landed.

He said that they got picked up in a van at the airport and he didn't know where they were now.

The man said he did not have any information about his wife or sons.

Later it was discovered that the man was not married to her, but that they were going to be married and that the "sons" were actually the woman's sons, and he didn't know their names. 

Regardless of the misinformation, the police officer believed that this needed to be looked into, but the Chattanooga Airport Police dispatcher did not think so.

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