Saturday, January 16, 2021

City discusses proposed water park near Laredo International Airport (KLRD)

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Pesky airplane noises, height restrictions, and a potential impact to the environment, those are a few concerns that have surfaced over having the proposed municipal water park in north Laredo.

City Council is in the process of trying to determine the location for the proposed water park.

Last month, District Six Councilman Dr. Marte Martinez made a motion to relocate the project to south Laredo next to the upcoming sport complex in the Cuatro Vientos area rather than the originally proposed spot between the Laredo International Airport and UniTrade Stadium.

Dr. Martinez says he has received concerns from people regarding the water park being located near the airport.

Jeffery Miller, the airport director says the project is too close to their security fence -- and doesn’t think the area is the right atmosphere.

Miller says, there would be height restrictions and the noise is also a big concerns for those who visit the park.

Since the water park will be paid for with sport venue tax money -- it will need to be next to a sports or entertainment venues.

District Two Councilman Vidal Rodriguez agrees with the proposal saying it’s an economic tool to develop the south.

Rodriguez says when you look at the park in Round Rock, there is a municipality where the water park is located near the sports complex where there is going to be a good fluctuation of foot traffic on the weekend.

Former Councilman George Altgelt disagreed saying the water park should be in a more eye-catching location.

A final vote was made to study the cost of having the water park and sports complex in the same facility.


  1. Laredo is not as bad as Kingsville. Kingsville is the one you really want to avoid.