Monday, December 21, 2020

Cessna 182T Skylane: $10,000 Scam

Bergen County, New Jersey -- A Bergen County man who thought he’d put a down payment on a Cessna 182T got taken for $10,000 by a scam artist who told him the aircraft had crashed, authorities said.

The Glen Rock victim told borough police he thought he had an agreement to purchase a 2004 Cessna 182T for $200,000 through a website called, Police Chief Dean Ackermann said.

As part of the deal, he told police, he sent the purported seller a $10,000 non-refundable deposit.

The “seller” was to have flown the aircraft from Georgia and to Greenwood Lake Airport in West Milford for delivery, Ackermann said.

When it never arrived, he said, the victim contacted the “seller,” who “indicated that there was an incident” that led to a crash during takeoff in Georgia.

The scammer promised a refund of the deposit, which Ackermann said also never arrived.

The victim investigated and discovered, of course, that there was no crash. Nor was there any kind of record of that particular plane having ever been at the Georgia airport, the chief said.

Glen Rock detectives were reviewing the case. The victim also filed a fraud claim with his bank.


  1. No third party escrow feature was included in the payment trail? Run away!

  2. ditto the escrow, and $10K for a unseen acrft!

  3. Victims sometimes are their own enemy. Usually people tend to get greedy and cannot pass up on a too good to be true deal. Often purchasing items of large value without inspection and verification of condition or e existence. 2004 182T in great condition for $200,000. I’ll taken all you have. Allot like the real estate in Mexico or investment fund guaranteeing a 15% return. They out there everywhere if you want to get a deal no once else as smart as you can get.

  4. A fool and his money are soon parted.