Saturday, November 21, 2020

New concrete surround around Pride of the Adirondacks

PLATTSBURGH Clinton County, New York -- R. Deso Inc. Ready-Mixed Concrete churned out between 50-55 cubic yards around the "Pride of the Adirondacks" in the Clyde Lewis Air Park in the City.

Friday was the second-day of a two-day installation donated by Luck Bros. Inc.

“If you're looking down from the top of the plane, we've outlined the entire plane with concrete and giving people great access to be able to walk underneath the whole system on hard surfaces including ADA,” Jeff Luck, President of the Luck Group of Companies, said.

“The rest of it's going to be just grass with the ability to do some really nice landscaping. If somebody wants to plant something and keep it up.

“It gives it a nicer option than a big solid black slab under that thing. And the concrete will last better than the asphalt anyways.”

Luck was approached by members of the Plattsburgh Aircraft Restoration Group to donate work and materials totally $25,000 to enhance the bomber as well as the nearby FB-111 A fighter-bomber, once part of the Strategic Air Command arsenal.

Luck recruited Doug Henry, area manager of Upstone Materials, to donate hot-mix asphalt to shadow the FB-111 A.

RMS did survey work for the project, and Pier Works did site prep.

“It's kind of close to my heart,” Luck said.

“I had a father-in-law (Frank DeCosta, FB-111 Crew Chief) who served here. A lot of our kids today don't know we ever had an Air Force base here.

“A little bit more attention is good, I think.”

Thursday, Luck Bros. employees smoothed the concrete under the B-47's wings.

“Today, they did the entrance and they did under the tail guns and the back,” Col. Joseph B. McNichols Jr. (USAF Retired) said.

“We fluted it out. We put the airplane on the ground. We have a guy that's going to come in with a drone and we're going to get a shot from above, which will be a really interesting perspective.

“But everything now is handicapped accessible. We want people to go right up and basically touch the airplane. It's looking good.”

The insets around the B-47 will be filled with dirt.

“And we think maybe even some of these areas get perennial type flowers,” McNichols said.

“We're prettying up the Air Park for the City and the community.”

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