Saturday, November 21, 2020

Incident occurred November 21, 2020 in Bodega, Sonoma County, California

A low-flying pilot took out some power lines near Bodega Saturday afternoon, and though one resident briefly lost power, fire officials were relieved a crash was not part of the outcome. 

“I’ve been doing this 24 years and never been through a plane going through power lines,” said Lou Stoerzinger, captain with the Bodega Bay Fire District.

The resident whose power was affected by the downed power lines made the initial report, Stoerzinger said, and had anticipated a crash. The plane, which as of Saturday evening remained unidentified, evidently flew off and did not return.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office did not take a report of the incident, said Lt. Jason Lucas. A request for any additional information on the type of plane went unanswered Saturday.

A crew with Pacific Gas and Electric Co. responded to the address on Salmon Creek Road to repair the lines, Stoerzinger said. He said only one residence was affected by the damaged lines and no fire was started.

“It sounded pretty serious, but it ended up being a whole lot of nothing,” he said. “Which is good.”

The Federal Aviation Administration enforces regulations about flight altitude. An FAA spokesperson could not immediately say Saturday whether a report was made to the FAA about the incident.

The FAA’s Oakland field standards district office serves an area that includes Sonoma County. It can be reached at 510-864-2930.

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