Saturday, November 14, 2020

Alva Regional Airport (KAVK) receives $1.7 million for taxiway rehab

The Alva Regional Airport will be delaying Phase 2 of the airport apron and ramp project. Funding for a different project has been found that will narrow and rehabilitate the old runway into a taxiway. In a letter to the city, engineer Toby Baker of CEC said the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC) has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to identify $1.7 million of additional funding outside of what the Alva airport normally receives.

The OAC has hired CEC to prepare a preliminary engineering report for that project under a contract directly with them. This does not impact the city’s available funding. The engineering report should be complete in mid-2021.

The city will have their normal ten percent match to the design-only grant, but the OAC will pick up half of the city’s match to the large construction grant in fiscal year 2024. Based on the OAC’s initial estimates, the city will need a total match of $116,667.

The project will narrow the former runway to a standard taxiway width, rehabilitate its pavement and install base mounted LED taxiway lights with its cabling in conduit.

Airport Commission member Paul Kinzie said this project would push the ramp project off a couple of years, but when the airport can get the state to pay for the work, it will be worth it. He made a motion to approve the revised airport capital improvement plan, seconded by Kelly Parker, and it passed unanimously.

The airport commission met Monday, November 9th. Chairman Dale Logsdon led the meeting. Terry Turner and Calleb Mosburg were present in addition to Kinzie and Parker.

Airport Manager Derrick Courson reported the airport’s fuel pump was found to be in violation of Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) regulations. He said the dispenser portion of the pump will have to be replaced. The fuel pump does not show the price per gallon and the total price of fuel dispensed.

Courson said a representative from Hoidale provided a quote on a new dispenser for the fuel pump. It will cost about $7,500 and will require services of an electrician to hook it up. The cost should be no more than $10,000. The OCC gave the airport a deadline of November 30th but is aware it may take more time to get the equipment.

Parker made a motion, seconded by Kinzie, to authorize the airport manager and the city business manager to proceed with obtaining the replacement dispenser and installation and decide how it should be handled in the budget. The motion was approved.

In his report to the commission, Courson said both phases of the ODALS installation are basically complete and ready for final inspection. He said a jet came in recently and the pilot commented on the new approach lighting system.

Fuel sales dipped in October at the airport but seem to be rebounding in November. One jet that makes trips from New Jersey to Scottsdale has already booked six stops at Alva for refueling. Each stop will be a sale of 400 to 500 gallons of fuel. Courson said they like Alva’s prices and service. The airport has already sold 1,800 gallons of Jet A fuel in November, he said.

At the end of the meeting during board comments, Logsdon said after the recent snowfall he noticed that snow was not cleared to the fuel pumps. The runways had snow bladed off, but the cleaned area was not wide enough to get off the runway and to the fuel pumps. One concern is that when helicopters can’t fly in for medical transport, a fixed wing aircraft may be used and landed at the airport. Then access would be needed to the plane. He asked Courson to check this when city employees come out in future to clear the runway.

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