Saturday, November 14, 2020

Piper PA-28-236 Dakota, N8106P: Incident occurred November 11, 2020 in Carson City, Nevada

Carson City Fire Department and sheriff's deputies were called Wednesday afternoon to an emergency aircraft landing that happened in a field near Fremont Elementary School.

The incident was reported at around 12:30 p.m. Both the pilot and passenger were not injured and were walking around. The plane is a single engine, according to first responders on scene.

According to a battalion chief who spoke with the pilot, the plane apparently experienced engine failure and was able to make an emergency landing in a field near the school. The plane did not appear to have had any damage.

The FAA has been contacted and is evaluating whether the status of the incident should be labeled technically an emergency landing or a crash landing.

One witness said via social media that before the landing the pilot had tried to land on the freeway. A bystander near the scene of the crash noted he heard the plane's engines cut off when he was on William Street and came to the scene to see if everyone was safe.

The cause is under investigation.

Early Wednesday afternoon, Carson City Sheriff's Office (CCSO) responded to reports of a small airplane that landed in a field behind Fremont Elementary School.

CCSO says the plane experienced engine failure and the pilot was able to make a safe, emergency landing.

Neither the pilot or the passenger were injured. There was no reported damage to the plane.

CCSO Sheriff Ken Furlong says the crash is not being investigated.

He says the plane is now being repaired.


  1. Very lucky, and a nice job landing it!
    It's my understanding this was a new owner being checked out by a CFI.
    Seems the plane ran out of gas. Oops!
    No damage to the plane. Glad all are OK.

  2. Soft field landing. No problems! Very fortunate.

  3. If that plane really ran out gas I hope that CFI enjoys that 709 ride

  4. that airplane is listed for sale!
    tall grass extra


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