Monday, February 18, 2019

Middle Georgia Regional Airport (KMCN) to get $1M in federal funding after passenger increase

MACON, Georgia -- The Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Macon is expecting a big bump in federal funding.

Contour Airlines saw more than 10,000 people get on their planes last year -- which means now the Macon airport will receive around $1 million per year in federal funding.

Before, the airport was only getting about $150,000 dollars a year from the FAA Airport Improvement Program.

Assistant airport manager Blake Roy says before Contour came in, they were only seeing about 2,000 people getting on planes at Macon's airport per year -- and you need over 10,000 people to the $1 million per year.

"About 31, total enplanements and deplanements combined," Roy said. "So we saw about a 400 percent increase from the year before in that regard."

This money can be used for many things, including runway improvements and expansion. Roy says this means they could use this money to extend the runway out to 8,000 feet -- a goal the airport has had for several years now.

"As the runway extension nears and we continue with the program, basically you can use those funds towards the runway extension," he said. "Because it's part of the Airport Improvement Program, its a justified means of use for that money."

Once the runway gets extended to that length, that means the airport can accommodate almost any aircraft flying today. Roy says these can increase the airport's business and the amount of jobs available.

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