Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Man arrested for pointing laser at San Antonio Police Department helicopter

SAN ANTONIO – Playing with a laser pointer lands a man in jail after police say he pointed it at a San Antonio Police Department helicopter.

Fox San Antonio dug into federal records showing the crime is on the rise in San Antonio.

Eagle helicopter is SAPD’s eye in the sky.

"We see everything,” Ofc. Eddie Ramirez says.

He says on Monday, the flight crew was scouring the city’s east side after getting reports of gun shots.

During the search, police say 37-year-old Justin Shorey pointed a laser at the helicopter and temporarily blinded the pilot.

"So much so that he was seeing spots, blurred vision,” Ofc. Ramirez says.

The pilot’s now had his eyes checked and fortunately, there’s no permanent damage. He’s been cleared to go back to work very soon.

Pointing a laser at any type of aircraft is considered a federal offense. The Federal Aviation Administration hears about thousands of reported incidents each year.

"We've had numerous reports,” Ofc. Ramirez says. "You'd be surprised at the number of arrests we've made.”

In 2016, the FAA got 48 reports of lasers pointed at aircraft in San Antonio. In 2017, the FAA got 62 reports. And through November 2018, the agency tracked 74 reports.

The numbers show a steady rise in a crime that impacts police, medical AirLIFE and even commercial airlines.

In this case, Ofc. Ramirez says police on the ground helped pinpoint where the laser was coming from and knocked on Shorey’s door.

"Sure enough, ended up talking to the individual and recovered the laser, a green light laser,” Ofc. Ramirez says.

Shorey is now charged with a Class A misdemeanor. But federal charges for the crime can come up with to five years in prison.

"We've had cases where a person has lased an aircraft and the next thing you know, now they're doing hard time in a federal prison,” Ofc. Ramirez says.

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Anonymous said...

Needs a serious sentence with serious jail time.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, or let him go. Because he so enjoys blinding people, give him his lasar back, but only so as to use it on his own eyes. Once his eyes are damaged he will be harmless with his lasar.

Anonymous said...

These idiots all need jail time. Don't tell me they don't know this behavior is illegal!