Saturday, November 24, 2018

Clarkdale, Arizona to hear presentation on Cottonwood Airport (P52) complaints

COTTONWOOD, Arizona -- Cottonwood is seeking input from the community regarding airport noise complaints.

Tuesday, November 27th at 3 p.m., Cottonwood Airport Manager Morgan Scott will present Cottonwood’s proposed solutions to mitigate the noise.

Scott is asking for input from the Town of Clarkdale.

“As a result of an increase in air traffic noise complaints, the City of Cottonwood has established a committee to consider and make recommendations about potential actions the airport could take to help address noise,” staff documents state.

According to staff documents, air traffic noise can’t completely be eliminated so Cottonwood is exploring compromises for pilots and citizens.

One proposed solution is to bar aircraft from flying west of State Route 89A. Another is to limit times for touch-and-go landings.

Suggested changes have been forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The Cottonwood Airport Commission will further discuss solutions in early December.

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