Monday, April 16, 2018

Pittsfield Municipal Airport (KPSF), Berkshire County, Massachusetts: Finance Committee to consider new revenues, costs

PITTSFIELD — Just as the Pittsfield Municipal Airport looks to finalize a new revenue stream for the city, the facility's runway redo lands at a higher price.

The City Council Finance Committee will consider the measures next week. They include agreements with Oak Leaf Energy Partners to create a solar facility at the Barker Road airport, as well as a borrowing authorization that increases pending runway construction costs by about $1 million.

If the City Council approves the 20-year lease and associated tax agreement, the city could see about $400,000 in annual revenue from the solar project, said Airport Manager Gloria Bouillon. The lease for the solar power installation includes about 26 of the airport's roughly 600 acres.

As for the runway project increases, Bouillon said the Federal Aviation Administration called for grading changes that ultimately necessitated the inclusion of both runways in the project's scope. Because the FAA is heavily funding the $7 million project and the city will see additional support from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Pittsfield's share of the cost falls at $349,736, Finance Director Matt Kerwood said.

The airport will shut down for 85 days beginning April 30 in order to break ground on the project.

The Finance Committee will review these matters during its meeting at 7 p.m. April 23.

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