Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bushby Mustang II, C-GVXW: Incident occurred April 22, 2018 in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

When police cars buzz by you on the highway, finding them minutes later next to an airplane is probably not high on your list of expectations.

And yet, that’s what Ryan Manseau spotted on his way on Hwy. 5 from Kamloops to Vancouver on Sunday.

“We were passed by a couple police cars just in Merrit,” Manseau said. 

“And then, about 10 minutes south of Merritt, we saw them again, parked next to an airplane.”

Manseau, who was driving the Coquihalla with a friend, said the officers had only just walked up to the plane. 

The plane didn’t seem to be in obvious distress, so it may have just run out of fuel or perhaps had an engine problem.

“That’s what we guessed. It obviously landed there — probably on the road since the median would be too rough to smoothly land. It probably landed on the highway and then pulled over.”

DriveBC said they had no information about the incident and the RCMP have not yet responded to a request for comment.

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KAMLOOPS — It was a bizarre sight for motorists travelling on the Coquihalla Highway Sunday afternoon, a small airplane landing in between the divided highway.

Debra Sharkey was driving from Vancouver to Kamloops when she witnessed the Mustang II flying low above the highway approximately 10 km south of Merritt. 

"I'm watching him come lower, and lower, and lower, and then as I was coming around a corner and coming into a long gradual declining straight stretch I'm seeing him landing in the meridian between the two highways," she said. 

Sharkey says she immediately slowed down, pulled over to the shoulder of the highway, and called out to the pilot. 

"Traffic was a little loud so I hollered at him and asked him if he was okay and he replied, 'yes, I'm fine.' He was proceeding to get out of his plane and get things together and I said, 'well, do you need a ride somewhere?' And he said, 'no, I've got my cellphone and I've got some service, I'll make a couple of calls, I'm all good, I'm not leaving my plane.'"

Sharkey adds she doesn't know what caused the pilot to bring the plane down on the highway, but it appeared to be in good shape. 

She later saw RCMP cruisers heading toward the sight where the plane landed. 

Merritt RCMP have yet to respond to a request for comment. 

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