Thursday, March 29, 2018

Changes coming to prepare for commercial airlines at Mobile Downtown Airport (KBFM)

MOBILE, AL (AP) -  FOX10 News was the only TV crew at a Mobile Airport Authority Board meeting Thursday where it was announced that work will start to prepare for at least one commercial airliner to fly out of the airport at Brookley Field.

But some people who live in the area have questions about what types of problems that could cause.

Last month, ViaAir announced it would offer non-stop flights from Mobile to Orlando starting this spring.  

Thursday, the Mobile Airport Authority announced more details. 

Executive Director Chris Curry said, "ViaAir sent us a letter of intent which specified that they intend to start at Mobile Regional Airport on May 14, but, thereafter, as soon as Brookley is up and operational with a suitable terminal,  they would expect to start at Brookley. "                                         

Curry said that triggers a study to evaluate terminal options.  

He said, "So we are trying to look at the option of renovating current facilities, bringing in some type of modular unit and also the TSA requirements that go along with that type of facility."   

Curry said that study should take about six months.  

But two people who live near the Brookley Aeroplex attended Thursday morning's meeting wanting questions answered.

When asked if she was concerned about the number of planes flying over, Cleova Rodriguez said, "The noise, the noise, and I'm just wondering how much of that."  

But Curry said residents will have plenty of opportunities to voice any concerns during future hearings.

He said, "The process should go about 18 months and include at least four meetings of public involvement."   

I also spoke to Darrell Dixon who lives in a neighborhood within sight of Brookley.    

He said there's been "noise over here all the time, so it's not going to bother me. I'm just dealing with whatever comes."  

The Mobile Airport Authority is already about halfway into a feasibility study on conducting passenger service out of Brookley so the announcement by ViaAir might help decide the question.  

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