Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cessna 172N, N737CV: Aircraft broke loose from tie downs during Hurricane Irma

AIRCRAFT:   1978 Cessna 172N N737CV, s/n 17269322

Last Inspection 06/05/17,  TT 11,101.6 

ENGINE:   Lycoming Model,  0-320-H2AD, s/n RL-7802-76T

Last Inspection  06/05/17, TT 3025.6, TSMOH 648

PROPELLER: McCauley Model 1C160/DTM7557M1, s/n 731275

Last Inspection 06/05/17, Tach 3,025.6, TSOH 5,131.7

EQUIPMENT:  All avionics and instruments are missing/stolen

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Aircraft broke loose from tie downs during Hurricane Irma

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:  Damage includes but may not be limited to the following:   

Left wing and wing tip are damaged
Right elevator trailing edge and stabilizer are damaged
Left lower engine cowling has a large dent
A number of engine cowling Dzus fasteners are missing

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:  Pompano Beach Airpark, Pompano Beach, FL

REMARKS:   Buyer should plan to move the aircraft promptly.

Logbooks are not guaranteed or warranted to be complete.

Only visible damage noted. There was no disassembly or removal of the cowling for inspection. 

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